As you climb the retirement mountain you are trying to accumulate as much wealth as you can.  Everyone climbs the mountain at a different pace, but everyone is looking forward to the view from the top of the mountain.  You cannot wait to get to the top and reach “retirement” or financial independence that affords you the opportunity to never work again if you choose so.

What do you think is the most dangerous part of the Mount Everest climb?  Surprisingly, experienced climbers tell us it is on the way down after they have reached the top.  Your retirement mountain is no different. What most people don’t realize is once we get to the top of the mountain we must successfully navigate our way down.  In retirement planning, we call this distributing your wealth or spending your money in retirement. As you start to spend your money in retirement the threats you face will change.  

At Camas, we use a  variety of strategies that will help you grow, access and protect your retirement income in the most tax-advantaged methods possible.  We want to provide the planning opportunities to help you secure the retirement that you are planning for.

Retirement planning solutions may include:

  • Tax-Free Retirement with Life Insurance

  • Transition Planning to coordinate your business assets in retirement

  • Premium Financing to enhance the amount you can put away for retirement

  • Guaranteed Income

  • Index strategies with a 0% guaranteed floor

  • Long-term care planning to protect against unknown health risks in retirement

Some key retirement planning questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you aware of your options to save for retirement other than qualified plans such as a 401(k), IRA or deferred compensation plan?

  • Do you have at least 25% of your retirement money in a tax-free account?

  • Is your retirement protected from a long-term care event?

  • As retirement approaches,  are you properly protected from market volatility?

  • Are you certain you will not outlive your retirement income?

  • Do you have penalty-free access to retirement income prior to age 59 1/2?

  • Are you maxing out your retirement plans and in need of additional places to save money?

  • Do you know what your taxes will be like in retirement?

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