College can be very expensive for many reasons and will most likely be the second largest expense for a family next to their home.  The cost continues to rise and most parents are have not saved enough, don’t understand the process and do not have a plan.

At Camas, we provide comprehensive consulting and planning solutions that focus on helping you save and pay for college without disrupting your retirement or business.  We also coordinate with other professionals to ensure that your plan is implemented properly.

College funding solutions may include:

  • Merit Scholarships

  • Financial Aid

  • Cash Flow Planning

  • Borrowing Strategies

  • Savings Strategies

  • Tax Strategies

Some key college planning questions to ask yourself:

If late-stage (7th-12th grade)…

  • Are you concerned about the high cost of college?

  • Are you interested in reducing your out of pocket cost for college?

  • Do you need a plan to pay for college?

  • Are you able to cash flow $1,500 or more per month toward the cost of college?

  • Do you need help understanding the college financial aid system?

  • Do you plan to borrow or have your student borrow to pay for college?

  • Do you have access to all the grants and scholarships that are available to you?

If long-stage (newborn-6th grade)…

  • Are you using a 529 plan to save for college?

  • Are you saving for college in a tax-advantaged way?

  • Will your college saving efforts position you to qualify for financial aid?

  • Are you able to cash flow $500 or more per month towards saving for college?

  • Will your parents, grandparents, or other family members be willing to help pay for college?

Getting advice begins with a simple conversation.