At Camas, we’ve helped countless clients grow, access, and protect their wealth using world-class financial principles and strategies. We provide expert guidance based on our decades of experience and offer customized solutions based on your unique needs, goals, and circumstances.

Our planning approach ensures that you receive specialized attention from our team and access to advanced strategies that most advisors don’t know exist. Our wealth planning is specifically designed to help you, your business or your estate generate wealth and income that you will not outlive and instead pass on as part of your legacy.

Customized Solutions Implemented
Increased Client Wealth
In Protected Legacies
Tax Advantaged Savings


What is a Wealth Strategist ?

A Wealth Strategist is a highly skilled professional who plays a pivotal role as the leader of the wealth planning process. With their expertise and knowledge, they design and facilitate comprehensive wealth plans, working closely with clients to achieve their financial goals.

As the main point of contact, a Wealth Strategist collaborates with a diverse team of specialized professionals, including investment managers, tax experts, estate planning attorneys, risk management specialists, and other advisors. By coordinating and integrating these crucial areas, a Wealth Strategist ensures a cohesive approach to wealth building.

With their coordinated and collaborative approach, they guide clients toward their financial aspirations, delivering personalized solutions and ongoing support.

A Wealth Strategist offers the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on clients’ lives, providing expert guidance throughout the wealth planning process and helping them secure their financial future with confidence.


Life Insurance

Often referred to as the best-kept secret in the financial world, life insurance can help you protect your family, business, and estate while building tax-efficient wealth.

Long-Term Care

Over 70% of adults over age 60 will need some form of Long-Term Care, which can devastate a well-planned retirement. Traditional Long Term Care policies are no longer the only solution.

Policy Audits & Reviews

Life insurance is an important asset that is rarely reviewed. New and innovative products may provide you with less expensive options or enhanced benefits.

Retirement Planning

Tax diversification is important to all retirements. Minimize the effects of unnecessary taxes, market loss, and unforeseen health expenses.

Estate & Legacy Planning

Potentially save millions of dollars in taxes while protecting your business from expensive risks you are already self-insuring.

Planning for Business Owners

Reduce business owner risk by implementing tax efficient strategies that help grow, protect and pass on the business.

College Funding

Help cover one of the largest expenses a family will face with tax-free savings strategies that also maximize financial aid.


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