Business owners face a large variety of unique needs, ranging from personal retirement plans and family protection to retaining key employees and protecting the company in the event of a partner’s unexpected death. With unique needs come unique strategies to Grow, Access and Protect wealth.

At Camas, we provide comprehensive consulting and planning solutions that focus on the needs of the Business Owner. We will also coordinate with other professionals to ensure that your plan is implemented properly.

Business owner solutions may include:

  • Buy-Sell Planning

  • Employee Retention

  • Tax-Free Retirement

  • Liquidity Planning

  • Captive Insurance Companies

  • Premium Financing

  • Key-Man

  • Asset Protection

  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

  • Executive Bonus

Some key questions that a business owner can ask themselves:

  • Do you have a written buy-sell agreement?

  • Does your buy-sell agreement protect the business from death, disability, and retirement?

  • Do you have a plan to protect the business from losing key employees to your competitors?

  • Does your company’s retirement plan allow you to save enough just for you?

  • Do you offer additional benefits to your employees such as long term care, cash value life insurance or disability?

  • Are you interested in long-term care protection for yourself or key employees?

  • Are you protected from the loss of a key employee due to death or disability?

  • Is your business using advanced tax planning strategies to minimize your tax now and at the sale of your business?

Getting advice begins with a simple conversation.