Attention small business owners! Properly funding your buy-sell agreements is crucial for ensuring business continuity and protecting owners’ interests.

Cash value life insurance offers a flexible, tax-efficient solution that not only covers death benefits but also helps with disability and retirement– which are statistically more likely to occur.

There are two main types of buy-sell agreements: Cross-Purchase and Entity-Purchase. Cash value life insurance provides guaranteed funds, tax benefits, flexibility, and customizable policy ownership to suit your business needs.

Don’t settle for term insurance that only covers the trigger of death for a limited term. Invest in cash value life insurance for additional benefits like cash accumulation, increasing death benefits, and the potential for the policy to continue indefinitely.

Don’t forget to add disability insurance to your buy-sell agreements for extra financial protection and peace of mind. Contact me for a COMPLIMENTARY review of your buy-sell agreement and funding mechanisms. A little time spent reviewing and updating your buy-sell can save you and your business a lot of money! Act now!

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